WGYB Locations

We are thrilled that the structure of WGYB has been replicated in several communities across Canada!

In Englehart, Ontario, a local school Principal partnered with community groups to send bags of groceries home with local school children.

Black`s Harbour, NB and St. George, NB schools have partnered with folks at The Family Worship Centre to provide support through several grocery bags sent home each week.

McAdam area community supporters have partnered with the local food bank to help meet the need in that community.

In the fall of 2015, Florenceville Baptist Church partnered with a local high school to send home several backs to help combat weekend food insecurity.

A school administrator in the Fredericton area shared the simple notion with a local educator who partnered with the Community Kitchen to send home 150 bags at eight local schools! These bags are packed and delivered with assistance from high school leadership course students.

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