We’ve Got Your Back

A local Church plans to make a difference in the lives of students in St. Stephen and Charlotte County with the launch of their new program “We’ve Got Your Back.

Garth Williams of The Union Street Baptist Church wants the public to be aware of how many students are going hungry.  Williams tells Tide News they are working on a partnership with local Schools and business in the area.

Williams says during the week hungry children can get fed thru the breakfast, snack and lunch programs thru the schools but it’s when they go home for the weekend that they go hungry.

The Church and it’s partners are looking to fill back packs for those kids to take home. How it will work Williams tell us is that on a regular basis the schools will identify the children who need the food the most.

Members of the church will fill a back pack to send home with the kids over the weekend and then they kids will bring the empty back packs back to the school to be picked up by members of the church to start the process over again.

Williams says they figure they can fill a back pack for about 10 dollars a week and are launching about 21 back packs as early as next Monday.

Williams says they are looking for Community Support.